Build This Styrofoam Beer Cooler Ukulele

Ukulele body is made from an actual styrofoam beer cooler... and it sounds great!

Aloha! This has got to be the most freakish-looking uke you'll ever see... BUT IT SOUNDS INCREDIBLE! Simply put, the Styrofoam Cooler Ukulele is nothing but a neck without a body and a huge cooler screwed to the butt end.

Watch the video to hear it for yourself:

Here's the parts I used:

  • 1x2 plank of maple, 33 inches long

  • A separate thin plank of oak for the fretboard

  • Small piece of maple for the floating bridge

  • Medium/Medium fretwire

  • A four pack of Shane Speal signature tuners

  • A pack of standard ukulele strings

  • a used styrofoam cooler

  • One drywall screw and a large washer to anchor the cooler to the neck.

  • Six flathead screws, 1/2" long

This is a very easy project! Although the thought of fretting an instrument might be daunting for some people, consider this project a good beginner’s instrument to learn the fretting process.