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Cigar Box Guitar Museum Gift Shop is Open!

The photos of the Cigar Box Guitar Museum instruments have been artfully turned into shirts, cell phone covers and more. You can find the latest selection at the official museum store,

Many guitarists like myself live their lives in tee shirts, so I wanted these designs to be classy. I want them to become your favorite shirt. I've also created cell phone cases, pint glasses and other items to fill your house with cigar box guitars.

My latest items feature the iconic 6 BANGER guitar by Ted Crocker. Built in 2009, this beautiful mahogany guitar is immortalized on a classic smoke gray tee shirt and black coffee mug.

In addition to shirts and accessories, you can find cigar box guitars, specially curated guitar slides and books at

Pictured above is the Reso-Electro cigar box guitar, handmade by myself and featured in many CBGitty articles. It is just one of the instruments currently offered at Each sale furthers the historic research and articles you see on this website.

Thank you for your support. Let's continue to dig the deep history of the cigar box guitar and show the world.

-Shane Speal

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