How to Make A Cool Lo-Fi Microphone from an Old Telephone

This DIY microphone sounds like you're singing through an old AM radio. It also gives the meanest harmonica mic tone ever. This free project lesson from will take your vocals and harp into lo-fi realms in just 10 minutes.

Parts needed: 

  • Old telephone handset.  (The one in this video is from the 1980's) 

  • 1/4" guitar jack 

  • Soldering iron and solder

In my book, Making Poor Man's Guitars, I show how to make a microphone from a beer can, Mason jar lid and piezo elements.  This project is even easier than the beer can mic!  

The mic is perfect for blues harmonica or lo-fi vocals...and all you need is an old handset and guitar jack.  If you make one, post pics and vids below! 

The video has all the details you need. If you have the parts in front of you, you'll have your new mic in just 5-10 minutes!

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