JUST RELEASED: Shane Speal Podcasts - Cigar Box Guitars, Social Media & God

What are the secrets to getting millions of views on social media? What's the story of cigar box guitars? Our own Shane Speal has just been interviewed by two very different podcasts, both which were released today:

Shane Speal Discusses Social Media & Marketing Secrets on The Lehr Podcast - This is part 1 of a two part series by Jack Lehr, real estate executive and business coach. Shane talks about how he made a career with cigar box guitars and divulges quite a few marketing secrets.

Shane Speal joins "The Story" Podcast to talk cigar box guitars, the life of a musician and God. This is an interview unlike any he's ever done. It's a long one, but if you want to know the man behind the cigar box, it'll be an eye opener. (Direct link - video hosted on Facebook)

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