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Make An Electric Echo Mic from a Toy & Piezo!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Here's an easy project that will give you a goofy electric echo microphone that you can use for cool effects in a recording or on stage.

I show the entire process in this episode of What's the Deal with Speal. You can see the whole process here. Scroll down for parts and extra details. Do you have other ideas to add to this project? Post them in the comments!

Parts needed:

  1. Toy Echo Mic (Find them cheap on Amazon)

  2. Piezo disc. Try to find the smallest disc possible.

  3. 1/4" guitar jack

  4. Guitar jack plate (or make your own)

  5. Super glue

  6. Solder & soldering iron

Here are the photos from the video.

The reason you want the smallest piezo possible is so that it's small enough to fit on the inner diaphragm of the toy mic.

One note: I made sure to keep the wires as short as possible when installing them in the mic. This way, they're not rattling against the inner spring.

If you buy the pre-wired piezo from C. B. Gitty as seen here, there will be a lot of extra wire. You can always coil the extra wire up and tie it together with a zip tie.

So now I give the mic to you. How could we hack this even more? Paint ideas? Maybe on on/off switch? Preamp? Even more weirdness? Let's hear from you below in the comments!

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King of CBG



Love it Shane! Keep the cool ideas coming.


Merrin Mourning
Merrin Mourning

Gutted one of these mics a while back.Gonna put the echo assembly in a cigar box guitar.Now I know how to get the best use of the effect with the piezo. Thanks Shane!


Whooda thunk it???? Leave it to Shane!


Bill Smithem
Bill Smithem

Love the cool gadgets. Thinking of items that could be used to do this.

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