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Hi all, it's Shane Speal. The content from is being brought over to in order to consolidate two very similar websites. PoorMansGuitar was originally created to launch my book, Making Poor Man's Guitars in 2017.

Last year, I was bequeathed the domain and content of which has much better features for photos and blogs. It makes sense to bring things to one location.

Look for daily posts of both archived content and new features, along with photos of every instrument in the Cigar Box Guitar Museum. Create an account in here to get daily notifications of new articles and have the ability to leave comments.

Thank you for understanding.

Shane Speal

Dec. 23, 2021

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Makes perfect sense Shane. Happy Christmas from Blighty.


Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor
Dec 23, 2021

Good idea. Less stuff to have to surf thru. Keep up the great work. Love your book.

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