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Triple Neck Cigar Box Guitar by Rusty Taylor

I'm proud to announce the latest acquisition to the Shane Speal Collection: The "One Hand Dan" triple neck cigar box guitar, built by Rusty Taylor of Second Hand Smoke Guitars. It's like a cigar box guitar straight out of the world of science fiction - The TRIPLE NECK THAT ATE ALABAMA! The instrument was a gift from Taylor and Ben Baker of C. B. Gitty who funded the shipment.

This instrument has been played in concert by "One Hand" Dan Russell of One Hand Dan's Damn Band. It will eventually be part of the Cigar Box Guitar Museum display at Speal's Tavern in New Alexandria, PA.

The guitar is a triple neck consisting of a 4-String,1-String, and 3-String. The body of the guitar is built to the measurements of a triangle La Flor Dominica box. The pickups for the outside necks are all C. B. Gitty Humbuckers (8ohm on the necks, and 16ohms on the bridges), with a Tele-style 6 ohm single coil on the center, diddley bow neck.

Check out the amount of planning that had to go into this build! Most hardware was purchased from The adjustable spring loaded bridges were fabricated by Rusty himself, exercising his trade as a fabricator.

Here's Dan wailing away on the triple neck in concert. The videos are from the Muscle Shoals Blues Challenge in Florence, Alabama.

My sincerest thanks to Rusty Taylor and Ben Baker for this awesome gift.

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26 dic 2021

A head-turner for sure!!

Me gusta
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