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2009 Six Banger Electric Guitar by Ted Crocker

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Showcased at the Cigar Box Guitar Museum in Speal's Tavern from its re-opening until 2019.

Handmade electric guitar, built by Ted Crocker in New Jersey, 2009.

Currently in private curation. Part of the Shane Speal Collection.

  • Honduran Mahogany body with import neck featuring a custom leather headstock face.

  • Handwound pickup with purpleheart wood bobbin.

  • Wraparound bridge. Handmade wood volume & tone knobs.

  • Dimensions: 42 x 10.75 x 1.75

Ted Crocker (1955-2021) was a guitar and folk instrument builder, most notably known for creating the guitars used in the 2007 John Sayles movie The Honeydripper. Here is a clip with Guy Clark Jr. playing Crocker's Honeydripper.

Shane Speal commissioned this instrument to incorporate elements of The Honeydripper guitar along with a wrap around tailpiece for more sustain. A rounded cutaway was added for a hot rod look. Unlike the three part pickup in the movie guitar, Speal requested a single coil pickup placed in the neck position.

The body was made from a beautiful, 1.75" thick, one-piece mahogany slab. Crocker used minimal finish without grain filler, allowing the various shades of brown, tan and orange to be highlighted.

The neck was an imported 25.5" scale neck. Crocker added a leather face to the headstock and woodburned his signature. Closed-back tuners were added.

In addition to the leather headstock face, Crocker also roasted the neck with a torch to give it an antiqued look.

Even the volume & tone knobs were handmade by Crocker, using simple pieces of wood, semi rounded on a belt sander. Thumb tacks were added to the tops to give the player an idea of levels.

Ted Crocker passed away in the fall of 2021. His legacy includes many fascinating instruments.

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