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The Exit Sign Guitar

Built by Gary DeRosiers, 2017

This three-stringer was crafted from a discarded exit sign by Gary Desrosiers. According to Desrosiers, he came across the plastic sign at a job site and inspiration struck.

He generously gave me the guitar as a thank you for the cigar box guitar info I've posted on the internet.

Features include a three-saddle Hard Tail bridge (top loading), single coil pickup, maple neck with red dot markers to match the EXIT letters. All hardware is matching black

The guitar's volume and treble knobs are positioned on the top of the guitar, between a battery compartment and an on/off pushbutton that works LED lights inside.

If you've seen my concerts in the last year or two, you'll most likely remember the crazy Exit Sign guitar I pull out for "Big Leg Woman (Swing the Hammer)," "Strung Out, Drunk and Busted," "Purple Rain" and "Into the Mystic."

The headstock has a surrealistic shape and the back of the guitar has the maker's name and date. DeRosiers named his guitar company after his cat, H.J.!

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1 Kommentar

Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor
07. Apr. 2022

Wonderful and distinct guitar. Gary does really nice work.

Gefällt mir
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